Bama Theatre

Sarah McQuaid draws from various musical influences

Sarah McQuaid will be walking into Crimson on Sept. 6 as she plays from her new album "Walking into White" at the Bama Theatre’s Acoustic Night, her second time at the venue.  "[The Acoustic Night] is a listening room, not a bar...with no smoking and no talking, so it’s really conducive to the artist being heard,” David Allgood, the manager for the Bama Theatre, said. McQuaid, a folksy singer-songwriter, lists 1970s artists Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake as her main influences.

Dreamgirls to perform at Bama Theatre

Audience members can enjoy the story and song of a trio of three female soul singers as they overcome a variety of obstacles in "Dreamgirls." The production, presented by the Actor's Charitable Theatre, opens on Friday, and continues its performances at the Bama Theatre until Tuesday. Undrea Coppin, a junior majoring in human development with a minor in theater, plays Lorrell in the show.

Contest recognizes local children's art

Artistic genius knows no age. To pay testament to that fact, the annual Visual Achievement Awards, presented by the Alabama State Council on the Arts, gives local middle school and high school students a chance to be recognized for their artistic talent. “Students have the opportunity to have their talents recognized within their community, not just in their home or school,” said Sharron Rudowski, education director for the Arts and Humanities Council of Tuscaloosa County.

Mulligan brothers visit Tuscaloosa for third time

Mobile-based The Mulligan Brothers have played in Tuscaloosa twice before, but with their sophomore album hot off the presses, vocalist and fiddle, mandolin and harmonica player Gram Rea said the band is ready to bring some new sounds to a familiar territory. “We’re really excited about going back [to Tuscaloosa] this time in particular because we have the new record,” Rea said.

Show choir to put on performance

Resonance Show Choir is revamping their show this year with new dresses and power-packed ballads. The group's latest show will be split into two sets, the first consisting of three songs and the second consisting of thematically-driven material.

Pink Box Burlesque Presents Rocky Horror Picture

Just in time for Halloween, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, put on by Tuscaloosa's Pink Box Burlesque troupe, is making a return to the Bama Theatre for the sixth consecutive year. A shadow cast of Pink Box Burlesque members will be acting out the classic musical comedy horror movie as the 1975 film plays behind the live show.

Theatre to premiere comedy film

Total Frat Move dubbed “Mantervention” the “greatest raunchy sex comedy since ‘Wedding Crashers.’” The movie will premiere Thursday, Oct. 9 at the Bama Theatre along with only six other theaters in the country, followed by an 
announcement about the premier date.

Resonance show chair expands

The University of Alabama Resonance, much like the TV show “Glee,”
is a show choir filled with students 
who are passionate about music.Founded in 2008 by UA alumnus Michael Zauchin, Resonance offers a chance for members to express themselves creatively and make new friends. The group works independent of faculty.

Acoustic Night to feature indpendent artists

The Bama Theatre’s Acoustic Night will feature performances by Walter Parks and the Swamp Cabbage and Sparrow and the Ghost tonight at 7:30 p.m. Tuscaloosa’s Arts Council hosts Acoustic Nights throughout the year, highlighting singers and songwriters from all over the country.

With a big cast, 'Willy Wonka' draws little actors

The Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre is bringing the popular children’s novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl to the Bama Theatre this weekend with its production of “Willy Wonka.” The play tells the story of Charlie Bucket, a poor, young boy who, along with four other children, wins the unique opportunity to visit the candy factory of mysterious chocolatier Willy Wonka.