Bama Dining

Bama Dining chefs teach cooking class on sauces

The Crimson Kitchen cooking series began Jan. 26 with their first class, “Learn Your Mother Sauces.” Chefs from around the UA campus gathered in Fresh Foods to teach students and community members the five basic sauces: Espagnole, Bechamel, Veloute, Hollandaise and tomato sauce. LaShana Sorrell, marketing manager for Bama Dining, said she wants participants to have fun, but also to know that cooking can be easy. “We serve all the students, faculty, staff and the community members on a daily basis,” Sorrell said.

Bama Dining presents a new cooking project

Bama Dining has unveiled a new project – a cooking school designed to bring the community, be it students, faculty or others, together to learn the fundamentals of chef techniques that can be used in everyday food preparation. For those who feel as though they don’t have the necessary cooking experience, LaShana Sorrell, Bama Dining’s marketing director, assured that “the only pre-requisite is to have fun.”  Because the class is available to the entire Tuscaloosa community, Crimson Kitchen is a two-hour learning experience designed to walk its students through the basics using a group-based teaching format.

Students need Spirit of Alabama Act

According to a survey conducted at The University of California at Santa Barbara, 17.3 percent of college students skip a meal every week in an effort to save money. This phenomenon is not unique to UCSB. According to a study conducted at Western Oregon University, 59 percent of college students at the university were food insecure at some point in 2013. Rising tuition rates are forcing some students to choose between paying for education
 and eating.

New dining spot opens

Tuesday night at Presidential Terrace, students and Bama Dining Faculty gathered together for the grand opening of the Presidential Terrace Market. The market, a continuation of the University’s commitment to provide convenient healthy options for students, sits inside the Presidential Village Recreation Center, behind the Fuel Smoothie Store.

Diabetic students balance their insulin, classes

Alicia Traylor, a freshman at The University of Alabama, can identify the number of carbohydrates in every bite of food she consumes, and it is not because she decided to try out a new diet plan. Traylor has Type 1 diabetes, and knowing her carbohydrate intake can be a matter of life or death.

Bama Dining wins dining dollar lawsuit

The Alabama Supreme Court upheld the decision of a state trial court to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit against Dining Dollars at the University of Alabama, Auburn University and UAB Friday. “The University is pleased that the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously affirmed Judge Vance’s dismissal of all the claims brought by the plaintiffs in the Dining Dollars lawsuits,” said UA spokeswoman Cathy Andreen.

Gluten-free options lacking on campus

Not all incoming freshman are thrilled when they must purchase a meal plan from the University, but Melissa Clem, a senior majoring in nutrition, said for some freshmen, the money they spend on those meal plans is wasted. However, Clem's complaint is not about the commonly decried issues of overcrowding or the lack of meals that roll over from year to year.

Costs keep Fresh Food Closed on weekends

Labor costs keep Bama Dining’s Fresh Food Company closed on weekends, said Kelsey Faust, director of marketing for Bama Dining. Despite the increased enrollment, which correlates with an increase in money, the company sees the additional fees as unnecessary. “Fresh Food is in the middle of the campus and is not surrounded by residence halls like Burke and Lakeside,” Faust said.  “Therefore, students that wish to eat on the weekends can conveniently visit the location closest to their residence hall.” All dining halls except Fresh Fresh Company are open seven days a week, and Faust said this adequately meets the demands for weekend dining. “Due to low participation during the weekends at our dining halls, the current schedule more than sufficiently meets the demand for weekend meals,” she said. Ferguson Center eateries like Subway and Starbucks are open on the weekends. Alexandra Morse, a freshman communications major, lives in Julia Tutwiler Hall and said she doesn’t understand why Starbucks and Subway is open on the weekends but not Fresh Food Company. “If I am going to walk from my dorm to the Ferg, I would like to have the same choices that I have during the week,” Morse said.

SGA, Bama Dining bring international cuisine to students

The Student Government Association and Bama Dining are teaming up to bring international dining experiences to UA students, Taylor Bollinger, SGA assistant director of diversity, said. The first of four events will be held Thursday at Lakeside Dining Hall and will have an Australian theme, said Kelsey Faust, marketing manager of Bama Dining. "The cultural dining experience will feature at least four different dishes and decorations," Faust said. Bollinger said the objective of the event is to give UA students the opportunity to explore and try different cultural foods once a month. "We thought it was a cool idea to let incoming students do something cool and try real, authentic foods that they haven't had before," Bollinger said. The diversity division of SGA student affairs looked at hundreds of menu items that would be unique and reasonably priced and offered their suggestions to Bama Dining, he said. Through the initiative, Bollinger said, the SGA wants to spread awareness of cultural foods and promote diversity through the student body, show appreciation and acceptance of different cultures and appreciate globalization of the world. Bollinger said he hopes the many international students at the University will enjoy the international dining experience. "Even though it may not be their home food," he said, "they can see that we appreciate diversity here at the University. Danny Shannahan, a freshman majoring in engineering, said he eats at Lakeside when he needs an easy in-and-out kind of meal and saw the signs for the Australia-themed meal. "I think it's a pretty cool idea," he said.