Allen Bales Theatre

Seduced tells story of reclusive billionaire at Allen Bales Theater

The story of a mad billionaire, a mysterious aide and two alluring women will be put on stage. “Seduced,” a drama by acclaimed playwright Sam Shepard, will run until the end of the week at the Allen Bales Theater. The play tells the story of Henry Hackamore, a business tycoon turned recluse who is loosely based on eccentric entrepreneur Howard Hughes.

One-act plays to debut Monday

Theater has changed over the years. It’s grown from small, nomadic groups of performers traveling from town to town to sold-out shows. "Student One Acts" revisits this smaller, more intimate relationship between the performers and the audience. "Student One Acts," a show put on by the University of Alabama department of theatre, will debut two student-written one-act plays Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Allen Bales Theatre in Rowand-Johnson Hall.

Honor society kicks off guerrilla season

Alpha Psi Omega, The University of Alabama’s theatre honor society, will kick off the fall semester with its first Guerrilla Theatre of the new school year. Guerrilla Theatre is a ten-act cabaret of ten-minute scenes, in which anyone can participate in a variety of media, from acting to singing to dancing, as long as it's performance-based.

City of Angels hits the stage

Two musicals in one, a Hollywood comedy and detective drama, come to the stage of the Allen Bales Theatre tonight in “City of Angels.” This suspenseful musical with a twist is filled with a flare of contemporary jazz styles, energy and comedy. The Tony Award winning musical “City of Angels” was set in 1940s Hollywood and takes the audience into the mind of Los Angeles novelist Stine as he creates his screenplay.