Southern rockers The Golden Monica shine on debut EP

The Golden Monica, hailing from Tuscaloosa, is a Southern rock band steeped in the gritty, bluesy sound that characterizes the region. Their first record, a three song EP titled “Can Beer”, was released in 2013. With raw power and style, the band’s debut effort hints at solid potential.

The Golden Monica wastes no time with niceties in “Extra Weight”, which opens with a roaring guitar. With Mick Jagger’s nonchalant swagger, the vocalist sings “Let me drink the bottle as much as I please/ drink it so much I fall on my knees/ my mind was going there/ I love the way you sing about me.” The singer’s voice slowly devolves into a gravelly growl, as if his drink was really starting to take effect.

The blues keep coming on “Hurtin’”, the second track. Pounding with a Stevie Ray Vaughn-esque rhythm, “Hurtin’” relates pain via wailing guitar solos and The Golden Monica’s raspy vocals. They sing “But I’ll be hurtin’/ hurtin’/ all the while my way is workin’/ wanna hop over the rail/ leave all the hell/ close the door/ close the curtain.”

The slower final track, “Sand”, draws heavily on Southern influences. The Golden Monica’s guitar work shines as they float along melodies with a mellow groove. Gone are the rough vocals as the band harmonizes “When you told me/ you thought you were going to die/ when we were there/ I thought of the water/ I thought of July/ and the sand beneath my chair.” Later in the track, the smooth guitar becomes distorted as they unleash another energetic solo, but soon return to the light tone to finish off the EP.

The EP can be listened to here:

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