Caring's new album delivers laid back indie music

Caring, the solo project of UA graduate Sean Schutt, released their 4th album last fall, “Jubilee”. The 6-track album is short at a mere fifteen minutes, but delivers nonetheless in the form of a laid back, barebones collection of indie/acoustic music. 

There’s a certain wistfulness to the opening track, “Living a Lie”, which seems most at home in some dreamy 70’s movie. With minimal instrumentation aside from Caring’s ubiquitous subdued guitar, the vocals shine. Featuring a light and slightly faltering voice reminiscent of Thom Yorke, Caring sings “Don’t you know the world’s my center fold?” 

“Don’t you think it’s time we got better?” Caring almost whispers at the beginning of the second track, “Better”. Whimsically upbeat, “Better” retains the instrumental minimalism while adding some optimism to the album. 

The next track, “Giving Up”, goes the opposite way—it’s pervaded by a dour tone and lyrics. Caring’s guitar slows to a crawl as he sings “I’m giving up on you lately” and “My fears complete me”. 

For the next track, “In the Light”, Caring goes into falsetto over the calm strums of his guitar. Caring gets amorous on “In the Light” as well, singing “Yes I can feel my heart, and yeah you’re in there too.”

A tambourine keeps the beat as Caring cruises along the fifth song, “Golden Sun”. With a subtle hum in the background, Caring captures the serenity of the “Golden sun setting all around me.”—it would be easy to imagine being played on a sleepy beach. 

Caring gets livelier in the final track, “Weather”, singing “we’re just so happy to be alive!” repeatedly. Caring’s speakers, so used to his mellow tunes, seem unable to handle the fervor of “Weather” as static and fuzz can be heard in the background, ending the album with a loud and joyous attitude. 

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