Local Music Spotlight: Ferguson & The Copper Dogs

Ferguson & The Copper Dogs released their debut record a few months ago, an eponymously titled EP with five tracks. The Tuscaloosa-based group has been around for a little more than a year now, and has played all across the city.

The first track, “Devil”, opens with a mellow acoustic guitar, then picks up with drums and an equally subdued electric guitar, setting up a smooth background to the highlight of the track—lead singer Sarah Lindsey’s voice. Winding like an old country road through the song’s lyrics, Lindsey sings with moody, rhythmic soul and refined power. The end result is a bluesy, southern sound that would be at home in a dimly lit, smoke-filled bar.

Building upon the first track, “Quick To Draw” is loud and charming. Lindsey channels anger over a bad relationship into a powerful yet composed vocal performance that invokes rural and Southern imagery. “Quick To Draw” seems to be a modern take on the classic country break up song, made fresh and lively with Lindsey’s voice.

The third track, “Keep On”, slows the EP down again in the form of a folksy, jazzy ballad. The Copper Dogs once again provide just enough smooth background to complement and drive Lindsey’s vocals. Lindsey, reminiscent of Etta James, provides more than enough soul to overcome the struggles of everyday life and keep on, producing her best and most emotional performance on the EP.

The Copper Dogs become more involved in the faster-paced “Silly Thing”, providing a rustic accent to Lindsey’s motivational vocals. Although not as powerful as in “Keep On”, Lindsey’s singing remains strong and dynamic, resulting in another solid track.

Backed up with a steady 60’s guitar riff, “Whiskey and Mary Jane” is a song with an attitude. Lindsey, through with her man, sings with confidence, independence and an air of rebellion, even getting support from others in the background. The track becomes the most rock and roll on the record with a short guitar solo halfway in.

Ferguson & The Copper Dogs EP is a solid collection of bluesy soul music drenched in Southern culture. It's kept interesting with powerful, emotional vocals that leave the listener intoxicated. The band has potential.

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