One Direction is Back With New Album "Made in the A.M."

One Direction has been topping the charts ever since their first album came out in 2011, with each of their five albums debuting at No. 1. Just last week, One Direction released their latest album, "Made In The A.M.," their fifth in five years. 

When listening to this album, it is almost like going back in time. The album has a heavy 80s rock inspiration. The track “What A Feeling” has got some serious Fleetwood Mac vibes and “Hey Angel” has a U2 sound to it. One Direction and their producers played around with trumpets a lot on this album. This can particularly be heard on the fun song, “Never Enough”, it’s the kind of track you just cannot help but dance and sing along to. 

Though you can hear the oldies inspiration, each song has it’s One Direction twist to it. The track, “Olivia”, sounds like nothing else One Direction has ever done. This song has a Beatles sound to it. Harry Styles sings, “When you go and I'm alone, you live in my imagination/The summertime and butterflies, all belong to your creation” actually kind of sound like the song from the movie, "Willie Wonka and Chocolate Factory."

On the their last album, "FOUR," the track “No Control” was by far a fan favorite. One Direction fans had it unofficially released has a single. "Made In The A.M." has its own version of “No Control” and it’s called “Temporary Fix”. The song was written by One Direction member, Niall Horan, “Temporary Fix” is very rocky and the lyrics have some dirt and grit to them. It has a definite Motley Crew sound, though it is only available on the deluxe version of the album, in addition to three other tracks: "Walking In The Wind," "Wolves," and "A.M."

All four boys write their own songs and for other artist as well, Harry has written songs for big names such has: Ariana Grande and Meagan Trainor. Liam has done remixes for other artist as well as written songs for them. On this most recent album, the boys wrote thirteen out of seventeen of the released songs. All four members wrote the titular song “A.M.” On the past five album the boys have worked with the same writers/producers: Julian Bunetta, John Ryan, and Jamie Scott. 

One Direction’s sound has matured over the past five years. Their first album, "Up All Night," had that classic boy band sound that everyone seems to assume they still have. Their second album, "Take Me Home," was a little rockier. Then they hit us with their third album, "Midnight Memories," which was significantly more mature than the two previous albums. After the release of the third albums is when the boys had their first stadium tour, "The Where We Are Tour." One Direction has been the number one touring artist for two years in a row, including this year. Before their most previous world tour, that ended in October.

One Direction released their fourth album, "FOUR," it had the perfect sound to lead up to "Made In The A.M." "FOUR" was the last album that featured Zayn Malik, though the band has done better than ever since his departure. One Direction will be taking a short break following their album promotions and will be back in action sometime within the next year. 

Be sure to check out "Made In The A.M.," you will not be disappointed!

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