Adore christmas tour comes to Alabama Theater

Chris Tomlin, David Crowder and Lauren Daigle will be appearing at the Alabama Theater on Sunday, Dec. 6. The three Christian musicians are on their Adore Christmas Tour. Tomlin and Crowder are both award winning musicians, and Lauren’s debut album came out just over a year ago. 

Chris Tomlin is the heading act of the tour. Tomlin is one of the most well known names in Christian music. His songs “Our God”, “I Will Rise”, and his many renditions of traditional hymns are played in churches all over the world every Sunday. Chris’s album "And If Our God Is For Us" won a Grammy in 2012. Chris is also known for his involvement in Passion conference. Passion is a massive Christian conference that happens in January. Chris’s music is contemporary and full of energy. 

Tomlin’s music is the kind of worship music that inspires souls and always has a deeper meaning. Chris Tomlin is more than just a performer, he is a worship leader. Tomlin’s shows always include a mini sermon like the ones he gives at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. 

David Crowder, who was formally in the David Crowder Band until 2012, is on the Adore Christmas Tour as the second opening act. Crowder is a well known performer and a good friend of Tomlin. David released his first solo christian contemporary music album, titled "Neon Steeple," in 2014. His audience was unsure about him becoming a solo act, but he has succeeded with flying colors. Crowder’s debut solo album received raving reviews, this meant a successful kick off for his solo career. Crowder is labeled as an American folktronica musician.  

The other opening acting on this little holiday tour is 24 year old christian singer, Lauren Daigle. Lauren’s single “How Can It Be” was named one of the top Christian songs on iTunes in 2014. Lauren’s debut album of the same name was released in April of 2015. Lauren’s sound is different compared to the majority of Christian music. A lot of Christian contemporary artist’s music sounds exactly the same. But  Daigle's workic has a modern twist to it that makes it fun and good for the spirit.  

The Adore Christmas Tour is for Tomlin’s new Christmas album, "Adore." Tickets are still available for the show, this concert is most certainly a can't miss event. What could possibly be more festive than a Christmas concert at the historic Alabama Theater?

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