Future Thieves is Nashville's promising new band

It's always a good day when you discover a new artist or band that you like. I’m always on the look out for artists that have not gotten completely mainstreamed by all the hipster want-to-be folks. Well guys, you are going to want to start listening to Future Thieves because their tunes rock, and they are definitely the next big thing.

Future Thieves is an indie band with their own unique sound. In a Southern hipster kind of way, the band is like Augustana meets James Bay. Their tracks are filled with some pretty sick percussion and guitar playing. Their latest release is their new album, "Studio Mixes 2015.” This CD includes four tracks: “Soon," “Diamonds," "Horizon Line" and “Night." The band’s clear voices and their deep lyrics shine through on all four tracks. In particular, “Soon” is a good combination of chill vibes and the type of song you’d want to jam to whilst driving. Their song, "Horizon Line" has been on repeat while I’m doing my homework for about a week. It’s an addictive tune. Actually, let’s be real and go ahead and say all their songs are addictive.

Future Thieves is made up of four guys: Elliot Collett (vocals and rhythm guitar), Gianni Gibson (drums), Nick Goss (bass) and Austin McCool (lead guitar). They came together as a band in Nashville, Tennessee in the fall of 2013. Eric Collett originally did blues style music before forming with the other members of the band, but together they started playing an Americana/indie style. Before they were Nashville's most promising new talent, they were just for normal guys. Elliot, Nick, and Austin all attended and graduated college, and Gianni grew up with a passion for percussion and music in California. The band writes their instrumentals together. Eric tells stories through his writing of the tracks’ melodies. The band also engineers and produces all their own tracks.

Earlier this month, the band released the music video for Horizon Line which you can watch here or follow them on Twitter (@Future_Thieves) for information on their gigs and new music. Check the Future Thieves out in person at The Nick in Birmingham on Sunday, Oct. 25.

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