Senate elects secretary and speaker of Senate

Senate met on April 14 to discuss two pieces of legislation and hold elections for the positions of secretary and speaker of Senate.

The meeting began by discussing Act 2, which would pay the Executive Cabinet through September 30. Vice President of Academic Affairs Jordan Forrest authored the legislation, and said the pay scale will require less money than last year. According to the bill’s text, $6,700 dollars will be allocated to pay certain officers within the legislative, judicial and executive branches. The bill passed unanimously.

Next, Resolution 2 was introduced. The resolution, authored by Claire Moeller and Win Watson, aimed to “foster collaboration amongst the 21st SGA Senate,” according to its title. The resolution was passed unanimously.

Following the discussion of legislation, the race for Secretary of the Senate began. Megan Wingbermuehle, a sophomore nursing student, ran unopposed for the position. After being unanimously elected to the position, Wingbermuehle said she looks forward to becoming acquainted and working with the senators.

“There’s a lot of new faces in their [the Senate] so I’m really excited to get to know them and work with them and see what legislation comes this year and what we can implement on campus,” she said.

Following Wingbermuehle’s election, a two-way race for speaker of the Senate was held. Sam Baker and Lance McCaskey were the two senators running for the position.

During his speech prior to the election, Baker said as speaker he would familiarize all senators with Robert's Rules of Order, and promote unity within the Senate. McCaskey then gave his own speech, saying he would champion efficiency within the Senate.

After their respective speeches, as well as speeches of affirmation by fellow senators, the election was held. By a vote of 31 to 16, McCaskey was elected speaker.

Following his victory, McCaskey, a sophomore majoring in economics, said he looks forward to getting to know all the senators and hearing their various opinions. McCaskey added that to improve the Senate’s efficiency, he hopes to further legitimize the committee process.

“What I would like to improve is, at the beginning of every meeting set like 15 [or] 20 minutes aside, let every chairman of a committee get their committees together and go over any legislation that they have, any amendment’s they want to make so that we can further legitimize the committee process because I think whenever we’re most efficient is whenever we have as many people doing their jobs as possible," McCaskey said.


  • Act 2, creation of a pay scale, passed unanimously.
  • Resolution 2, fostering “collaboration amongst the 21st SGA Senate” passed unanimously.
  • Megan Wingbermuehle elected Secretary of the Senate unanimously.
  • Lance McCaskey elected Speaker of the Senate by a vote of 31-16.

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