Senate resolution condemns Elections Board for changes to campaign regulations on distribution of flyers

Director of Senate Communication TJ Parks sent The Crimson White a resolution condemning the Elections Board for changes to campaign regulations regarding the distribution of flyers. These changes require candidates to register through the Source anytime they wish to hand out flyers.

"The Student Government Association Senate assembled finds the stated campaign regulations burdensome to potential candidates, contradictory in regards to the stated purpose of the elections manual and elections board, limiting to honest, fair, and open elections, biased against students who are not active in large SOURCE organizations," the resolution read.

According to the resolution, candidates who wish to register an event through the Source must fill out a Grounds Use Permit. In order to do that, a candidate or a representative of that candidate must participate in a SOURCE training session. These sessions occur every two weeks.

"The moratorium on handing flyers to students outside of SOURCE registered events prevents candidates from engaging and interacting with the entire student body in order to spread awareness about both campaigns and the Student Government Association as a whole," the resolution read.

The complete resolution can be read below.

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