Senate passes resolution to work on allowing all students to park at Recreation Center

Corrections: 1) Resolution 67 says the SGA will begin work with Parking and Transportation Services to allow free parking at the Recreation Center, not that parking there is now free. 2) The Labor Affairs position did not previously exist. Bill 20 was for recommending the not-yet-created position as a directorship position, repealing any legislation saying otherwise.

Resolutions 67 and 71 dealt with student parking on campus. Resolution 67 passed, which said the SGA will now work with UA Parking and Transportation Services to allow all students to park at the Recreation Center. Resolution 71, which also passed, gives students, faculty and staff who receive parking tickets and have a registered vehicle one “forgiveness ticket” according to the resolution.

Another resolution, though sent to the rules committee for discussion, was authored by freshman Ross D’Entremont, secretary of First Year Council, and it proposed that both Senators and members of First Year Council submit reports of their attendance, legislations passed and other legislations they may be working on.

The reports would be sent twice a year, within 10 days of the start of Spring semester and no later than seven days before the SGA elections.

“It comes down to do they actually participate in the legislative process and do they actually pass legislation and attend meetings or do they just want the name,” Ross said. “This is for Senate, but it’s mainly for FYC because FYC is not elected but many believe that it is a stepping stone for Senate, and I want members to be able to have an accountability record on hand saying that they have worked hard and that they are representing the student body.”

One of the most intensely debated pieces of legislation was Bill 20. The bill recommends the creation of a Labor Affairs position as a director level position. Essentially, office level positions are within the Executive Cabinet and thus hold a higher degree of authority than those of director level positions. SGA President Elliot Spillers was present to advocate for the bill, but some senators displayed a strong distaste towards it.

Senator Ryan Campbell, a graduate student majoring in marketing, stated that by making the position directorial, “we restrict student voices and we don’t ultimately hear both sides.” 

The bill passed the Senate, but with some opposition. Campbell noted, “we’re going to continue to fight” to bring the position to executive status.

A bill, which would be an SGA Freedom of Information Act, was also discussed. A motion was brought forth to place the bill on the docket, which failed. Another motion was then introduced to vote on placing the bill on the docket. A majority of senators voted “nay,” thus leaving the bill in the Rules Committee to be amended.

To end the night, Senate voted to pass an amendment stating that First Year Council would hold 65 seats, from its previous 50. The amendment would help to increase the amount of representation of students on campus.

Order of Events

  1. Roll call
  2. Old business
  3. Resolution to endorse “Miles for Moms” via SGA social media passed
  4. Resolution to work on legalizing student recreation center parking for all students passed
  5. Bill to establish efficiency and experience for future First Year Council members passed
  6. Resolution to incorporate a mental health syllabus statement passed
  7. Resolution encouraging the University to provide nighttime weekend library access passed
  8. Resolution to inform students of the number of calories and ingredients in food consumed passed
  9. Resolution to give parking pass owners one forgiveness ticket passed
  10. Resolution to support Sankofa and it’s week of events passed
  11. Senate increase in accountability bill of 2016 referred to rules committee
  12. An act to create a UA Beauty Review for charity passed
  13. Bill to amend the SGA Constitution

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