Senate supports texting crisis hotline, official kickoff Feb. 7

Senate supports texting crisis hotline, official kickoff Feb. 7

Senator Caroline Miller discusses a volunteer-based crisis text hotline for students who have been sexually assaulted, abused, etc. CW | Amy Sullivan

This week’s Senate meeting was a bit longer as several Senate members proposed bills. The meeting lasted about an hour, but a few resolutions were passed, and many senators were satisfied with the results.

Senator Caroline Miller, a senior majoring in social work and political science, wrote a bill proposing the support of the Senate in a texting crisis hotline. The hotline is similar to a suicide hotline, but students will be able to text in situations that they may not feel comfortable talking over the phone about.

“My goal in writing this legislation was to reach out and let those in the UA community who may be struggling know that they aren’t alone,” Miller said. “Everyone has moments of crisis and now we can connect people with support at their fingertips.”

The official kickoff for the hotline will be during SGA Mental Health Awareness Week starting Feb. 7.

Senators also proposed changes for themselves. Senator Ryan Campbell created a bill that would create caucuses within the Senate. Each caucus would represent a different group of students, such as women, minorities and LGBT. However, the bill did not pass that night.

“I’m really excited about the caucus bill,” Campbell said. “I feel as though it will help facilitate conversations between people in senate and students. While I was hoping it was going to pass immediately, I look forward to earning the support of the rules committee and it becoming law.”

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