Senate recommends buildings be named in honor of slaves

The Student Government Association Senate unanimously passed a resolution recommending that the biology building and new general education building be named in honor of two slaves who helped to build the University.

Senator Ryan Campbell, an author of the bill, said that he wanted to honor Jack Rudolph and William “Boysey” Brown, two slaves owned by The University of Alabama who are buried outside of the biology building. Campbell said that they deserve respect, especially since many of the buildings at the University are named after white supremacists.

Campbell mentioned Nott Hall, Manly Hall and B.B. Comer Hall in the resolution, noting that all had been named after racists. Although the resolution does not intend to change the names of these buildings, the intent of the resolution is to honor the slaves who helped build the University, Campbell said.

“We wanted to honor the legacy that many African-Americans left on this campus who were forced into slavery so that they could have the same honor bestowed upon them as people with not so great histories have,” Campbell said.

During the senate meeting, several other pieces of legislation passed, including:

-A resolution partnering the SGA with the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps to raise awareness for the Rise program.

-A resolution encouraging the University to extend the medical amnesty policy to drug-related instances.

-An act supporting refugee awareness week

-A resolution congratulating the Crimson White on winning the Pacemaker Award

-A bill codifying the position of senate assistant

-A resolution encouraging the donation of books to those in need

-A resolution supporting the internal investigation of the Tuscaloosa Police Department

-A resolution commending the Center for Academic Success

Some senators remarked on the relative ease of the meeting and the volume of legislation passed.

Senator Patrick Fitzgerald said he looks forward to the effects of the meeting.

“I think this is an example of what senate should be every week,” Fitzgerald said. “I hope campus will see the effect of the bills being passed today.”

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