A kinder, gentler alarm clock

As a college student, I am always struggling to get enough sleep. Even when I do get some rest, it seems like my alarm blares as soon as I close my eyes. It does help to wake up to a song you like, but if it is too soft you can fall back asleep. My roommate fixed this problem by buying one of the older alarm clocks with actual ringing bells. It is so loud that it wakes me up across the apartment. 

Then you read articles like this one, that claim that lasting sleep depravation can cause an early death. (Great, huh?) Not to mention, it negatively affects our ability to learn and function as students, as indicated from a government study here.

So, I heard from some friends about this free app that wakes you up according to your sleep cycle. It’s conveniently called the “Sleep Cycle alarm clock.” You lay your phone on a nightstand or even on the edge of your bed as it charges and it records your sleeping patterns according to breathing and hear rate. It specifically focuses on vibration patterns to analyze the best time to wake you up. 

After a week or so, it can pinpoint the exact time to wake you up to where you feel more rested. So, I tested it out. 

I was a little skeptical about giving my sleep information to an app, but it seemed to work. I put in the time I needed to wake up, and it woke me up during my lightest sleep cycle before the time I indicated. 

Give it a try, as college students we need all the sleep we can get.

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