Five essential news apps for students

People are starting to turn away from getting their news and entertainment from the TV at home. It seems as though our generation has gone to the Internet as an alternative, and new sites and streaming services have become the norm for mass media consumption. This phenomenon has continued even more with the introduction of apps. 

As students, we are on the go. We have classes to go to, people to meet, and obligations to attend. For us, getting the news may only be sitting in the Ferguson watching a few silent minutes of CNN or Fox. However, this doesn’t have to be our only means of staying informed. 

With a smartphone, you can download apps to read or watch stories unfold on your favorite news sources. Even if you don’t have the time to read from your phone, you can get push notifications that give you the most breaking news. With a variety, you can cover everything from local, to national, to international news with ease. Here are a few I use on the go: This is a statewide news source for Alabama that has the ability to send push notifications to its users. If you want to know what’s going on in the state, this is the one to get. 

ABC 33/40 Weather Authority: This is a great app for staying safe under severe weather. Under the watchful eye of meteorologist James Spann, you can get push notifications of alerts in your area. You can also watch severe weather broadcasts done by Spann.

Fox News: For those who like to watch it on TV, it is here in the form of an app. You get national and international stories and push notifications on breaking news.

CNN: Here is another nationally centered news source. You get push notifications and both national and international stories. Typically, you get a different viewpoint than Fox, so it is good to combine both takes on a story.

BBC News: This is an internationally focused media outlet from Great Britain. It gives you in-depth looks at what is going on across each continent and gives a new perspective to American stories. It also provides push notifications to major events across the globe.

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