Movie Night with the Mini Projector

The projector isn’t just for professors and movie theaters anymore. Now you can buy a projector that shoots a 1080p HD 80” image on any flat surface. One of my friends got the Brookstone wireless projector for Christmas and we have been watching movies on our wall ever since. All he has to do is set up the tripod on the floor or table and connect it to his laptop. It has wireless capabilities but runs significantly faster when the HDMI cable is used. 

So far there are only two drawbacks—the battery life and the speaker. With the battery fully charged, it lasts only 1.5 hours. However, this is easily remedied by plugging it in. The speaker situation is a little trickier. The speaker is not that great on the projector itself. However, there is an audio jack! Therefore, you can plug in your favorite speaker. 

The possibilities of this gadget are endless. We started with a “Star Wars” marathon in our living room. With popcorn in hand, we started our journey by watching the 80” picture against a simple white sheet that we pinned to the wall. During an argument on who shot first, Han or Greedo, the dog tripped over the cables and knocked the projector over. Thankfully, it was okay. So, it’s durability can handle a small fall at least. 

We then watched Matt Damon be saved for the eighth time in movie history in “The Martian.” A USA Today article quoted that it has cost $900 billion dollars to save him in his movies. The projection was fantastic for this film. The endless red sand and cinematic shots made for a brilliantly colored picture on our wall. I became increasingly impressed the more we used this gadget. 

This coming weekend we plan on the final test—“Super Smash Brothers” and “Mario Kart”. 

Overall, although there are better mini projectors out there, this one is adaptable and cost efficient at $250. For college students, it is a must-have gadget to get together and have movie night.

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