Write like a girl

As a child, I never realized there were things I couldn’t do. The only child to an avid Alabama father, I learned to stand my ground in the face of torment from snotty-nosed elementary school boys when I sported my Crimson Tide shirts on college day. More often than not, they deemed my arguments invalid, because what could a girl possibly know about a football team?

I began playing tennis at an early age, and immediately I decided I wanted to play like Serena Williams. There was something about her strength and her energy that made her stand out from the rest of the women in the sport, and that something captivated me. Although my lack of coordination and upper body strength prevented me from serving like Serena and I have since abandoned my racket and court shoes, she still inspires me.

Williams was on course to become only the sixth singles player to win a calendar year Grand Slam, and when she won her first round of the U.S. Open in 30 minutes, she dropped only five points out of 37 before her opponent retired in the second set.

Although she did not take the title, Williams has become the standard for not only female tennis players, but the sport as a whole. With each new record and milestone she sets, more eyes turn to follow her path and see which trail she blazes next. She is proving that a woman's strength is truly a force to be reckoned with, and can rival that of men. Her serves have outpaced her male counterparts, and not only is she recognized as the top female player, but one of the top players, regardless of gender, in the history of the sport.

While I’m not looking to argue the inherent strength of a gender, I am saying that, as a society, it’s time we recognize that women are capable of performing in genres typically dominated by men.

As The Crimson White goes digital this year, the sports desk will be adding blog posts to our regular content. With two women on our desk, myself the editor and Terrin Waack a staff reporter covering football, we decided that it is only fitting to start a blog about women in the sports world and what they are doing to make waves in a world dominated by men. Despite the raised eyebrows our presence can sometimes garner, and despite the dismissive nature we sometimes face, dating back to our childhood teasing, we have stuck with the field we have always wanted to call our own.

This semester, we hope to make waves of our own while we cover the Crimson Tide programs, proving that women are not only capable of working in the male-dominated industry of sports reporting, but that we can excel in all that we put our minds to.

As female sports writers, we will strive to be the Serena of our field, an example and inspiration of what one can accomplish with strength, grace and perseverance.

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