Are we human or are we dancer

Are we human or are we dancer

I understand the reason why we got rid of some of the most famous, looking at you Dixieland Delight, songs that used to play that the stadium. And when I say I understand the reason, I can understand it purely from a “We don’t want to look like a school that curses out our fellow schools,” but I can’t understand why wouldn’t you want to do that. It’s due to this that we randomly have seemed to become massive fans to The Killers song, Mr. Brightside, for no inexplicable reason especially when it’s been out of the cultural zeitgeist for the last decade. 

It’s a sad reckoning to know that future students to this hallowed university will never know the only listenable song by the supergroup Alabama and instead cheer in delight for the wails of Brandon Flowers. I just am reminded of this as we near closer and closer to A-Day, and we all pile into the seats to hope that there will be some excitement which is a foolish lie we trick ourselves into believing each and every year. You know what is exciting compared to watching our defense truly unable to put their effort into hurting our offense…Dixieland Delight.

I should be the first to admit that when I start writing these blogs, I just think of a main idea, and I try to extrapolate it from there. All I had planned to do is mention one thing about The Killers so I could tie it into a thought and then use a song title as the title of this blog. Instead, I’ve just been reminded of how it’s a gosh darn travesty that we stopped playing the best song to ever grace Bryant-Denny Stadium. I’ve been at this University a long time, longer than I’d like to admit, and longer than anyone probably should be at school. You know what was a great moment? When Cam Newton came to Tuscaloosa after all the hoopla over him stealing a laptop, and we played non-stop songs that indicted in him in his crimes. 

We also immediately had a three-touchdown lead except then we realized we were playing man against boys. Scam Newton and Auburn won the game. The result of that game doesn’t matter except for it did result in him winning a championship that will be forever tainted because he is a cheater. What does matter is that the person who controlled the music was fired the next day. And for what? For playing some of the best songs we’d ever heard that were directly aimed at the entire team, and the crowd loved it. Based off the inexplicable success of The Killers song, apparently, crowds will love anything you throw at them if you make it loud enough that they can’t have a conversation. Is that true love though? Is that the kind of love you want to cuddle with at night? It’s not. It’s the kind of love that every day of your life you regret getting involved with, but you’re in too deep so you have to stick with it until you’re dead. What is true love though? True love is Dixieland Delight.

When I first came to Alabama, when I was at my first home game, Dixieland Delight came through the speakers, and I broke down and cried as I chanted profanities. I had never felt more alive as I got to wish ill will upon my enemies, especially regarding the game of football. Sweet Home Alabama is a classic, for sure, but it doesn’t have that vitriol that’s required under an evil football dynasty ran by the Dark Lord Saban. When you are the best, you shouldn’t be cordial, you shouldn’t be respectful, teams should know that coming into our house they will be demoralized and they will be demolished. 

Dixieland Delight had that attitude with it. It was a song that showed that we weren’t just nice guys, that we wanted to crush you. Instead now, we seem to have indie pop from the 2000s with Mr. Brightside and continue to wave our four fingers to punk rock Green Day of the '90s. I ask you though, what about the '80s? The '70s? I have no idea when Dixieland Delight came out because it’s so timeless, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that Alabama is considered a super group but I’ve never heard another song by them and I have no desire to. All I know is that Bryant Denny needs Dixieland Delight, like we need college football. Get out of here oxygen, I breathe and bleed crimson. And so did the band Alabama, because they named their group after our football team. Please do not fact check that. Just bring back Dixieland Delight!

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