Make the most of your education

Make the most of your education

College is a gift. It’s a privilege. Some could say it’s a right, and I think that’s a fair enough point as well. You should always have the option for it, but it should be an earned right, not something that you’re just inherently guaranteed. I say that not to sound like some preachy parent; however, if you want to call me Dad, then I’m not going to stop you. I say that because I’m lucky to be back in college at all. 

I entered college many years ago, fresh off a great academic career in high school knowing that I would most likely get into any school I applied for. That might be less true had I applied to Harvard or Yale, yet even then I think I could have wowed them with my dashing good looks and smooth sense of charm. 

I make this point because back in the fall of 2015 when I was applying back to colleges after I had gotten the upper hand in the war versus depression, I found myself getting back constant rejection letters from colleges that were welcoming me with open arms and scholarships just a few years prior. Why does this matter? Well, to be fair, you could ask why does anything matter. Why it matters is because now I sit in classes and see students that don’t seem to give one single darn that they’re in class.

I’m not saying college should just be about focusing strictly on academics and not having fun or a social life. If I did think that was the case, then I probably would be one of those Harvard kids. Or maybe if I just had very influential New England parents that wanted me to wear a Yale sweatshirt unironically, so they could talk about the secret societies at their annual yacht meet-up at the country club. 

The point is that I’m not ignorant to the fact that college is about drinking and partying and making new relationships that you’ll regret the next morning. When I was but a young freshman face, I might have enjoyed the freedom of being away from parents a bit too much and my grades suffered. Except that resulted in me realizing I couldn’t be a stupid doofus and school needed to be a priority and then mental illness said not so fast kid, but that’s not the story I’m telling today. The story I’m telling today is to not be a big dumb idiot.

I know that MRS degrees seem to be a thing of the past; I just hate how they make it so gender specific. Can you blame a person for wanting to have a sugar someone who supports them financially while giving them the ability to pursue their life passions without any worry of it actually being feasible? Of course not, that sounds awesome. It’s just unrealistic and I can only imagine that has a very low percentage of happening. Don’t get me wrong, if anyone wants to fund my future and have me be a trophy husband, then I will not turn it down. I only bring this up because it seems that there are so many situations now where I see a student just being lackadaisical. It’s not like you’re the only person who wants to spend extra time in bed in the morning. It’s not like you’re the only person who doesn’t want to read 50 pages of a book. 

Guess what though. You’re paying for an education so you might as well the most of it. It’s not like the real world accepts “I was just having such a great dream,” as an excuse for not showing up to work. I say this because I didn’t plan to suffer from a crippling depression and make it impossible for me to succeed as a student. I didn’t plan on still pursuing a bachelor’s degree at 26 years old. 

However, I can assure that when I do get the degree, it will be because I worked my tail off and didn’t slack off in my race to the finish. Again, I’m not saying that you can’t be lazy and end up successful, of course you can, there are plenty of idiots in power. With that said, maybe realize you don’t need to go to your third swap in a week and open a book every once in a while. Trust me, I’m old and wise, I obviously know what I’m talking about. Or at the very least I will preach from the front porch of my lawn that you dang tootin’ kids can’t stop playing on.

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