Pocket Points: Get paid in coupons to go to class

Pocket Points: Get paid in coupons to go to class

Often times, college can seem like a tremendous commitment with no immediate reward. Sure, I am extremely thankful for the academic scholarships and endowments I have been given to attend The University of Alabama, and we all understand the long-term benefits of a college education when it comes to our potential career, but at times I have personally felt that a few “A's” on a transcript are an underwhelming form of compensation for the countless hours of studying and forfeiture of a social life. However, with the revolutionary app Pocket Points, I am able to receive a tangible reward for my effort in the classroom.

The concept of Pocket Points could not be simpler. The app uses a smartphone’s location services to detect when users are on a college campus and in the close vicinity of a designated classroom. Once the app is launched and your phone is locked, the app begins to accumulate points, which can be redeemed at many common vendors around campus, such as Chick-Fil-A, Pita Pit, and Which Wich. Points can be exchanged for various discounts ranging from special drink prices to free chicken sandwiches. Additionally, students with a heavy workload on Tuesday are in luck, because Pocket Points offers their weekly double rewards initiative, dubbed “2X Tuesday.”

Specifically on the University’s campus, there are a wide variety of locations that emit points, even if they are technically not a traditional classroom. For example, since there is a computer lab in Paty Hall where entry-level computer science classes hold testing, residents of Paty are able to earn points while in their room sleeping or playing video games. Furthermore, students can earn points while enjoying a meal or studying at the Ferguson Center, a prime and convenient location for a large majority of students.

While rewards through Pocket Points might not be as ideal as a paycheck for going to class each month, but the promise of free chicken nuggets on occasion is certainly positive motivation for me to attend class and enough incentive to put my phone away for a while, which has proven to be a great increase to my overall productivity. Many UA students have already hopped on the Pocket Points bandwagon, but I encourage any and all readers who have just become wary of the app to download and begin using immediately. Both your wallet and stomach will thank you.

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