Ten things to get you through the rest of the semester

Ten things to get you through the rest of the semester

It’s that time in the semester where us students are looking everywhere we can for the motivation that we are lacking. It’s getting harder and harder to wake up for those 8 a.m. classes. We’re calling home more often, and the only thing that could make us feel better is a home-cooked meal or a day on the beach. We are SO close though. Here are ten ways to get through those mid-semester blues:

1) There are only six weeks until finals.

The dreaded finals are upon us, but on the bright side only six weeks and a few tests sit between us and those long awaited summer days.

2) Only six weeks left means only six MORE MONDAYS of class!!!!

If you’re anything like me, Mondays are my hardest days. I just feel like this particular day, the entire world hates me and nothing ever goes my way. So, six more of these, and I am saying ALOHA to Mondays sleeping in.

3) No class on April 7.

Forget your Friday classes and start the weekend early because April 7 is Honors Day. Classes are dismissed. (UA offices are still open, though.)

4) A-Day is upon us.

Get a sneak peek of the fall football season at A-Day on April 22. The annual scrimmage can really get you excited for the upcoming season.

5) Baseball and softball season is in full swing.

Catch some games at Rhodes Stadium or hang out in right field at The Joe. You’ll never go wrong.

6) The Riverwalk

The weather is perfect so head on down to the river walk. Bring your eno and relax or take your daily run with a beautiful view.

7) Buy some tickets and enjoy some concerts at the Tuscaloosa Ampitheater

Concert season is upon us. Grab some tickets and enjoy shows like Def Leppard, the Dave Matthews Band or John Legend.

8) Spend your day with puppies.

There’s no better way than to pass your time with those cute little creatures. Head to the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter and grab a puppy for Happy Hour.

9) UA Dance Festival

Check out what students and faculty are doing in theatre department at the second annual UA Dance Festival!

10) There are less than 200 days until college football. ROLL TIDE.

Need I say more?

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