19 things you will learn by 19

19 things you will learn by 19

In a few short days, I will turn 19 becoming a "legal adult" in the state of Alabama. So as my last year as a teenager commences, I decided to reflect on some things I've learned (especially over the course of my freshman year.)

1. Heart break is a part of life. So let the tears flow , eat you some ice cream and put on a chick flick. You'll get through it, I promise.

2. Love is also a part of life. No matter how much you don't want to let them in... let the walls down. You can't go your whole life being afraid to love. You'll be that much happier for it.

3. You will never be enough. There will always be someone prettier, smarter, stronger, funnier, cooler. You just have to love yourself for all that you are and be the best version of yourself.

4. You are never too cool to skip a weekend out on the town just to hang out with your parents/grandparents.

5. Your siblings might have annoyed you growing up or the other way around, but as you get older they become your best friends (and so do their husbands and wives.)

6. Go for a run. Go to the gym. Take a Zumba class. I promise you will never regret a little sweat. It may hurt at the time, but in the end you will feel so much better. It's important to be active, and I advise to strive for that sooner than later.

7. Also, it doesn't hurt to have that piece of cheesecake. Be smart and know your limits, but treat yourself every once in awhile.

8. And while on that subject: TREAT YOURSELF often. A girl can never have too many shoes.

9. If it's meant to be, it will work out I promise. If it doesn't work out, there is something better that will come along. Keep your head up.

10. Sports are not forever. I played softball every fall, summer and spring since I was 7. Sadly, this will come to an end, and it will feel like a piece of your life is missing. Life will go on. It will hurt, but you won't trade the memories and the friends you made for the world.

11. Netflix will always be there for you.

12. You will never be prepared for moving off to college no matter how much you think you are. Leaving your hometown, family, friends and pets behind is not as easy as you'll think. So, take it all in while you still have it. Make memories. Keep a scrapbook. Reconnect with friends.

13. Embrace your embarrassing moments. You might back into a car. You might get off the bus with your skirt tucked in your underwear. You may trip in front of sorority row. It's not cool right now, but in a couple of weeks you will be laughing at yourself.

14. Your friend group will become smaller. You might drift away. You might move away. You could have a falling out. Whatever the reason, you more than likely will lose some friends. Because of this, however, you will find your truest friends and that's really all you need.

15. When you go to college, you are going to meet so many people. I didn't realize how true this was until I came to UA, but honestly you will make so many new friends from all across that country it's unreal. Try it out! You might just realize how much you have in common with someone from the other side of the country.

16. Learn a new language. Sure, you might've breezed through a few Spanish courses in high school, but I mean really learn a new language. Become fluent and study a different culture. It will truly open your eyes to a world you never knew.

17. Life isn't fair. It never will be, but how you decide to handle controversy and face adversity will.

18. You will become who you surround yourself with. So if you want to be happy, surround yourself with those who are uplifting and want the best for you. You'll be surprised how content you are when you let go of the negativity in your life.

19. Appreciate the little things. 

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