Six ways on how to stay happy

Six ways on how to stay happy

Ya know, sometimes staying happy is hard. Life can just come at you out of nowhere. Emergencies happen, you get busy and it may seem like nothing is going right. Here’s my advice on how to keep a positive mind and try to stay happy.

1. Smile! Smile? Smile! 

Duh, it’s the easiest way. Smiles are contagious (or so they say), so why not spread the happiness and smile today? Whether you think about it or not, seeing someone else smile back at you can instantly make you happy. It works for me, at least!

2. Listen to your favorite music. 

Music is one of the biggest influences on mood. Spotify even has playlists JUST for happy moods. Um, that’s perfect.

3. Think about something that makes you happy. 

Whatever it is, go do it! Coloring? Go for it. Reading? Absolutely. Lying in your Eno while cuddling a nine-year-old puggle on a nice day? Alright, maybe that’s just me. But hey! It makes me happy! So why not do it? Just because you get busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your happiness.

4. Take care of yourself. 


5. Surround yourself with positive things. 

Try to avoid negativity as much as possible. Sure, it’s kind of hard to do sometimes. Life happens. Alas, it’s worth a shot.

6. Read an encouraging quote every day. 

Believe it or not, just doing this one thing can affect your whole mood for a day. I find that if I do this I’m more than likely going to be happy throughout the day.

There are a lot of things you can do to stay happy, and these are just a few of my ways. Never sacrifice your happiness, don’t let life get you down and keep a smile on your face. Know something else that could make you happy? The magic words: ROLL TIDE! 

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