Let's talk about sleep: Five tips to help with sleep issues

Let's talk about sleep: Five tips to help with sleep issues

So sleep seems pretty important, right? As college kids, it’s something we don’t really get a lot. We’re always going around trying to finish homework, study and somehow find time for fun. I suffer from a bad case of insomnia, so I know what it’s like to never feel rested. I do have some tips to help y'all feel just a little less sleepy all the time.

1. Bed times are for kids. Well, you see, if you set a bed time and stick to it… you’re not tempted to stay up later watching YouTube videos of dogs riding skateboards. I know it sounds silly, but if I have a bed time for each night (doesn’t have to be the same time each night) I tend to feel better rested. I try to get a maximum of seven hours each night. It helps!

2. So you know how there are those CDs just for sleep? Well. They work. You don’t have to use a CD though! Spotify has your back, fam. For some reason, listening to a sleep playlist before/while you sleep makes for a better sleep session.

3. Well I know you’re tempted to drink that Redbull late at night, but you really shouldn’t. Even if you do fall asleep at some point after drinking something of that sort, your sleep is probably going to suffer. You’ll probably be restless all night, so no energy drinks or coffee before bed! Sincerely, advice your from has always given you.

4. You should totally invest in blackout curtains. Need I say more? Total darkness always helps me sleep. No cracks of light! None!

5. Don’t procrastinate your homework and all that stuff you have to do. If you get it all done… you can actually get to sleep on time. Amazing!

Friends, take care of yourself during this time of the year. Spring Break is over, finals are coming up and there is so much to do. Please get your sleep! It’s super important. You’ll feel better and your productivity levels are likely to improve. Yay sleep!

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