Don’t let school stress you out so much

Don’t let school stress you out so much

Alright guys, it’s getting to that point in the school year. Midterms are coming up, you’ve got to decide what classes you’ll take in the fall (or maybe even this summer, yikes), and sleep is basically nonexistent at this point. I have some tips to help you destress, relax and ease your mind a little bit.

1. Breaks are important. You’ve probably been staring at your computer screen for about five or six hours now. Stop! Quit it! Shut your screen and go take a walk outside. I find that if I step away from the homework for only 15 minutes, my mood just instantly changes. Sometimes it’s better to take the small breaks just to refresh your brain for more hours of homework.

2. Make sure you’re getting your sleep in. Impossible, right? I know it seems really hard to find the time to get a good night’s sleep, but it is so essential. It helps your brain, body and heart. The more sleep you get, the better you will feel about tackling the day’s events.

3. Don’t procrastinate. Yes, the new episode of Scandal is coming on and you really want to spend a whole day preparing for it. Stop right there! Halt! Think of it this way; The more homework you get done during the day…the less you have to do after you watch Scandal…

4. Spend time with your friends. No, homework gatherings are not the same thing. Go out and eat a donut! Go to the park! Do SOMETHING fun with your friends. It’ll put you in a better mood, I can guarantee it.

5. Try yoga. No, yoga isn’t just for girls. Yoga is a super great way to destress yourself, and you’re getting exercise in. It doesn’t even have to take up more than 30 minutes of your day. I recommend using Yoga With Adrienne, a YouTube channel, to practice your inner yogi.

6. "Rent" a dog. At the Metro Animal Shelter here in Tuscaloosa, you can go “rent” dogs to take them out and play. What’s a better stress reliever than playing with a dog?!

7. Take the time to do something small for yourself. Whether you buy yourself some chocolate, take a nap or eat that pizza you’ve been craving all week, do it! The smallest things can go a long way.

I hope my tips this week can help you through this stressful month. I’m struggling to get things together too, y’all. We got this! Power through, be smart and ROLL TIDE! 

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