You, yourself and you

You, yourself and you

In college, although we're "adults," many of us don't know who we are yet. One way that we try to find the person we are is through labeling and trying to identify ourselves through affiliation. I feel like there is a big amount of pressure on us to dedicate ourselves and our time to a plethora of different organizations, people, projects and causes.

Before we identify ourselves through our relationships, projects and organizations, we should know who we are alone and spoil ourselves, pay attention to ourselves and love ourselves like we try to do for others. Go get a manicure, unplug, go on a hike –– whatever makes you happy and gives you peace. CARE FOR YOURSELF. Take yourself on a date sometimes. In doing these things and spending time with yourself, you may get to know yourself better and come to appreciate your sacred alone time.

Our alone time and self-care are so important yet so overlooked. We spend our time joining different organizations, doing other extra curricular activities to bulk up our resumés, some try to maintain a job and social life, some try to maintain relationships and on top of all of this, maintaining a GPA (as well as you know, sleep.)

When do we take the time for ourselves? To care for ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. What will happen if all of these organizations and extra curricular activities are disbanded or something stops our participation? Although our affiliations and relationships are important; who we are outside of them is equally if not more important. And how will we know if our every moment is spent tied up with them?

Now is a more perfect time than ever for journeys of self discovery. Soon enough, when we have big boy/girl jobs, and families, our time won't be our own. So while it is; use some of it on yourself. Get to know yourself and love yourself more than ever.

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