Get pumped playlist: Eight songs that can motivate you

Get pumped playlist: Eight songs that can motivate you

This week's post is a few songs from my personal workout playlist to get me pumped and motivated while I'm at the gym or even just getting ready for class in the mornings.

All of these songs have a great up beat tempo in common. Songs like "Castro", "Rolex" and "Mask Off" are new, fun and easy to rap along with while you're keeping pace working out or looking for energy and enjoyment while you're getting ready in the morning. "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma", both by Cam'ron, will have anyone overcome with "early 2000's" nostalgia. There are a few more songs listed that are just great to sing along with on any occasion. Check out the links below.

*Please listen at your own discretion as most of the songs listed have explicit lyrics.

1. Castro - Yo Gotti

2. Rolex - Ayo and Teo

3. Party Monster - The Weeknd

4. Mask Off - Future

5. Oh Boy - Cam'ron

6. Hey Ma - Cam'ron

7. Work from Home - Fifth Harmony

8. Starving - Hailee Steinfeld

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