Introducing: Angil Tate and The Journey School

Introducing: Angil Tate and The Journey School

Angil Tate (“Tate”), 22, is a recent graduate of Elmhurst College, with a bachelor's in music business. She is a violist by trade, an Atlanta native and the founder of the Journey School of Visual and Performing Arts (TJSVPA.)

The Journey School of Visual Performing Arts is a startup non-profit organization aiming to provide “high quality arts education” to underserved youth in Atlanta. Tate said the mission is to inspire, motivate and transform youth through arts with music, dance, art and design, theatre and film.

I am honored to call Tate a friend of mine, and recently stole some of her time to ask a few questions about the Journey School.

Q: What inspired you to come up with the concept?

A: Well, I’ve actually always wanted to work with kids ever since I worked with Breakthrough Atlanta as an 8th grade math teacher. This was an intense summer internship in 2013 where I really got into working with youth, and I fell in love. I didn’t want to leave music business or anything, but still wanted to work with the young people. So this whole concept kind of combined both. I’m a trauma survivor, and being in orchestra was the one thing that made me feel normal. I want other kids to experience the magic of art, even if they aren’t experiencing trauma.

Q: How long was the process to develop the school?

A: I’m still developing. To clear up any questions – the school isn’t built yet. We’re in the midst of our #StartTheAdventure campaign to raise $10,000 to pay for legal representation, IRS application fees, copyrights, and a ton of other stuff non-profits have to pay for. But it’s an everyday process. I would say it’s taken hours in the amount of weeks for me to really begin flushing out the mission, vision, financial plans and crowdfunding strategies.

Q: What difference do you think TJSVPA will make in the long run?

A: TJSVPA will set a standard – proving that art and community can transform even the “roughest” kids. We may not be able to stop all crime or send every kid to broadway but we will certainly see that every student who walks through our doors will be healed, heard and loved.

Q: What ages are you accepting in the school?

A: Ages 10 through 18.

Q: Is the school meant to be recreational or will it meet the curriculum mandated by the state of Georgia?

A: TJSVPA classes will be after academic school hours and on weekends. It not an academic institution.

Q: How can students, like myself, get involved?

A: Right now we’re so busy with the crowdfunding campaign so there hasn’t been much for volunteers to do right now. But, if you’re interested in getting involved immediately you can be part of the outreach team. Outreach shares on social media and in their community – email me if interested.

Q: As a recent graduate, do you have any advice for upcoming graduates?

A: Yes. Be flexible. I had a totally different plan before I graduate and shortly after. You won’t get a job right after you graduate sometimes. That’s okay. Enjoy the one time in life you don’t have to work; be willing to bend a little. Life is a journey.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone trying to start a non-profit or any large-scale project like this?

A: Yes and no. Your vision will take a life of its own, so just brace yourself. Sometimes taking advice from other deters you, so be protective of what you share and who you share it with. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask experts when you don’t have an answer.

The Journey School is in the middle of their #StartTheAdventure campaign. The #StartTheAdventure campaign runs until March 5 and their goal is $10,000. If you want to learn more about their mission and vision and to make your donation visit

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