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Welcome to Chronicles of a Negrita!

Follow as blogger, Resha Swanson, combines her perspective on gender and race with new cultural experiences as she studies abroad in Costa Rica. 


The week before I sat quietly listening to the telenoticias with my host family, as pictures of an escaped murderer who was finally caught by the police blazed across the screen. 

Welcome to Summer Time!

Follow as blogger, Summer George, gives her take on all things lifestyle, fashion, advice, television shows and more. 

19 things you will learn by 19

In a few short days, I will turn 19 becoming a "legal adult" in the state of Alabama. So as my last year as a teenager commences, I decided to reflect on some things I've learned (especially over the course of my freshman year.)

Welcome to For the Culture! 

Follow as blogger, TL Smith, explores topics relevant to college students and their culture.

Introducing: Angil Tate and The Journey School

Angil Tate (“Tate”), 22, is a recent graduate of Elmhurst College, with a bachelor's in music business. She is a violist by trade, an Atlanta native and the founder of the Journey School of Visual and Performing Arts (TJSVPA.)

Welcome to Words from the Wise!

Follow as blogger, Hank Wolverton, provides his thoughts on a variety of topics and popular experiences from his perspective. 

Make the most of your education

College is a gift. It’s a privilege. Some could say it’s a right, and I think that’s a fair enough point as well. You should always have the option for it, but it should be an earned right, not something that you’re just inherently guaranteed.

Welcome to the Sports & Entertainment!

Follow as blogger, Cameron Johnson, gives his opinion on all things happening in the world of sports and entertainment.

Was 2016 the beginning of the end for movies?

Last August, when asked to reflect on the quality of movies in 2016, a disgruntled Boston Globe film critic by the name of Ty Burr told, “Someday we may look at 2016 as the year that movies died.” 

Welcome to Moore Advice!

This is your stop for all of your advice needs. Follow as blogger, Morgan Moore, gives you the answers to the questions you might find yourself constantly asking.

Have any topics you want her to cover? Email her at

Don’t let school stress you out so much

Midterms are coming up, you’ve got to decide what classes you’ll take in the fall (or maybe even this summer, yikes), and sleep is basically nonexistent at this point. I have some tips to help you destress, relax and ease your mind a little bit.

Welcome to Tide Tech!

This is your go-to source from blogger, Jackson Bryant, for all things technology including apps, product reviews, purchasing advice and breaking news in the technology world.