Graduate student to discuss universal healthcare

Graduate student to discuss universal healthcare

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Who: Hosted by the Birmingham chapter of Democratic Socialists in America

What: Public discussion about universal health care in Alabama

Where: Beloved Community Church, 131 41st St. South, Birmingham, Alabama, 35222

When: Saturday, Jan. 27 from 6-8 p.m.

Why: Tim Faust, a graduate student at NYU majoring in health policy will be the main presenter.

“Tim knows how to talk in depth about health care as an issue but also make it really accessible so that you don’t have to be a policy expert to understand,” said Dannial Budhwani, coordinator of the event. “He can explain why health justice is important to your average audience.”

Faust's presentation this Saturday is part of a nationwide Medicare-For-All tour. This month, Faust will give 16 talks throughout the South on health care.

“I’ve been trying to do different health care related events to get people organized and talking about health care within the Birmingham community,” said Budhwani.” This event is mainly Tim’s.”

The event is open to anyone who is interested in health policy in America.

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