Post winter break, students still find time for bingewatching

Post winter break, students still find time for bingewatching

By Lorin Byrd | Contributing Writer 

Are you still watching?” With this question, Netflix leaves viewers with a choice: To watch just one more episode, or not? Winter break was an ideal time for binge watching, but perhaps it flew by and left you wondering how you managed to do nothing all of break besides finish an entire series on Netflix. Many of us got sucked into the vortex of infinite television shows that are available right at our fingertips, and some students utilized the break, and the following weeks of snow days and holidays, to catch up on pop culture phenomena like "The Crown" and "Black Mirror." Below is a list of shows that students found the most intriguing over winter break and that carried them into the new semester. 

“The Office” 

A classic and always pleasing show still beloved by many Netflix subscribers, the American version of the British mockumentary style comedy follows the lives and office-centered antics of a group of employees at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Its story lines are fun and lighthearted and never fail to make its viewers laugh hysterically each episode. Cassie Rutledge, a sophomore majoring in exercise science, said she usually spent one to two hours each day over break watching the show. 

“I’ve seen all of the episodes before but I love re-watching them because they are very funny and carefree – you get lost watching it,” Rutledge said. 

“Black Mirror”

A dark and mysterious psychological thriller that keeps viewers engaged by exploring the darkest implications of modern technology, each "Black Mirror" episode follows a new story line that creates a different sense of depth and mystery. 

“Each episode is different and makes you think,” said Rashad Smith, a junior majoring in advertising. 

Logan Brooks, a sophomore majoring in exercise science, also chose “Black Mirror” as his go-to show during Christmas break. 

“It’s mind boggling and crazy and makes you just think ‘What if?'" Brooks said. 

“The Crown”

For anyone fascinated with history, “The Crown” centers on a young Queen Elizabeth II who is faced with the trials of ruling a monarchy during a time of decline for the British Empire. It's packed with intensity and drama, and takes the viewer into the world of the scandalous affairs of the British Monarchy. Maria White, a junior double-majoring in secondary education language arts and English, binged the show and loved it. 

“The Crown is beautiful," she said. "The actors are fantastic and the plot is dramatic without being over the top or tacky." 

“How to Get Away with Murder”

Crime and murder mysteries often easily captivate audiences. “How to Get Away with Murder” is an installment of Shonda Rhimes’ production company Shondaland that has received many praises. This drama follows a group of law students led by their brilliant professor, played be Viola Davis. They find themselves in the middle of a twisted murder case that turns their world completely upside down as they work to solve it. 

“The show is incredibly engaging and I’m so into creepy crime dramas,” said Kiana Villaroman, a senior double majoring in psychology and English.  

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