REBUTTAL: We should be thankful for those fighting for change

REBUTTAL: We should be thankful for those fighting for change

“I am thankful for many of the blessings that the American people and the students of the University of Alabama will enjoy due to the events of the past year,” my fellow opinions columnist Jack Kitchin wrote. 

First and foremost, Mr. Kitchin, as an American and as a student at UA, you do not speak for me. I do not feel particularly blessed. 

I should not have to be thankful for any elected political leader. In fact, they should thank those that elected them, especially the Republicans. Why? Because for many, this might be their last year in office anyway. Elected politicians are public servants: I bow not to political idols. 

Because you missed the mark on what “we” should be thankful for, let’s talk about what I am thankful for. I am thankful for Robert Mueller, the prosecutor investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. I am thankful for Twitter so Donald Trump can continue to embarrass himself. I am thankful for women who have come forward about their sexual assaults despite their perpetrators’ positions of power. 

I am thankful for Doug Jones, though I so feel badly he still has to run for senate next to a pedophile. I am thankful for the Republicans that realize and acknowledge that their candidate is a pedophile. I am thankful for Christians that practice what they preach and who will not elect this Republican candidate, and will therefore not be voting for him--even though not voting for a sex offender should be a given. 

I am thankful for Colin Kaepernick for stirring the racist white people into a frenzy trying to reinforce their power structures. I am thankful for peaceful protests, no matter where or when they occur. I am thankful for protests that occur despite some white people declaring that “it should not have been done this way.” 

I am thankful for November 2018, when I foresee plenty of Congress getting replaced because their failure to pass quality legislation. Speaking of quality, I am thankful for Barack Obama for being that reminder that there was some sanity only a couple months ago. I am thankful for Mr. Obama for not joking about Pocahontas to Native American veterans, for not grabbing women by their genitals, and lastly, for not making America an international laughing stock. 

I am not thankful for politicians who will “set the example and culture that will guide our attitudes,” as Kitchin wrote. That sounds like brainwashing. 

Despite what you think, Mr. Kitchin, I am thankful for that our military preserves my right to speak and express my dismay for the current administration.  Specifically, I am thankful for the men and women who are transgender fighting in our armed forces. 

And lastly, I thank you Mr. Kitchin, because if it had not been for your column, I do not think I could have seen just all I was truly thankful for. 

Zach Boros is a sophomore majoring in psychology. His column runs biweekly 

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