Chemical freezer malfunctioned in Shelby Hall

Chemical freezer malfunctioned in Shelby Hall


A campus-wide alert was sent late yesterday afternoon after emergency response teams were called to Shelby Hall, home to the University of Alabama chemistry department and over 70 research laboratories. 

“A freezer storing a potentially hazardous chemical malfunctioned,” read a press release from the University. “…There were no injuries and no damage to the building.”

Shelby and nearby buildings were evacuated out of “an abundance of caution” and continuous campus-wide updates were sent while responders evaluated the situation. 

“University and city response teams worked together to safely remove the chemical from the building,” the release read. “It was taken to a nearby vacant lot on campus, where it was destroyed with a small, controlled combustion around 9:20 p.m.”

Just after 9:30 p.m., an alert was sent saying the situation is all clear and that all buildings have reopened. 

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