University construction on-schedule

University construction on-schedule

As the first semester of the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, the University continues to make changes to campus and plan for the future. The University of Alabama has plans for new dining halls, residence halls and other facilities for students. While the University may have a strict schedule and lofty plans for campus construction, no construction project comes without potential unforeseen setbacks.  Tim Leopard, associate vice president of construction administration, shared some of the university’s upcoming plans, as well as some of the challenges that come from running projects on a college campus.

As it currently stands, The University of Alabama is on pace to open multiple new buildings as early as the beginning of next semester.  

Projects planned to finish completion by Jan. 2018:

  • Adapted Athletics
  • Phase II of Moody Music Hall
  • The Capstone Center for Student Success
  • Greek houses Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Automotive Services Building

Projects planned to finish completion in spring 2018:

  • Lakeside dining renovations
  • Bama Zone at REW Activity Center
  • Capstone Parking Deck
  • Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house

Projects planned to finish completion in summer 2018:

  • Sorority Houses Delta Zeta and Alpha Omicron Pi

Projects planned to finish completion by fall 2018:

  • Tutwiler Parking Deck
  • Mal Moore Dining Hall Addition
  • Freshman Residence Hall
  • Renovations to H.M. Comer

Though the University works to stay organized in their planning of construction, they also require a small degree of luck to avoid setbacks due to uncontrollable factors, such as weather. Leopard said there has fortunately been nothing that has delayed the timelines of finished construction.

“The weather has been dry, which is good for construction,” Leopard said. “Everything is on schedule at this time to meet the planned openings. The impacts from the hurricanes earlier in the year have been much less than what the University experienced following Katrina.”

Another concern with construction is keeping the facilities up-to-par to adequately accommodate the increasing student population at the University. With a higher freshman class coming in every year, residence halls, dining halls and academic halls stay in constant need of renovations, upgrades and general touch-ups. While Leopard says that this does present an interesting challenge, he feels that the development and integration of the Peter Bryce Campus to the rest of the campus has significantly benefited the student population.

Students are aware of the changes the University is undergoing, and those like Carson Bryan, junior business administration major, are overwhelmed but excited by what Alabama will look like when the dust settles on their expansion.

“While I don’t enjoy the occasional detours I have to take walking or driving on account of construction, I do think the University does a good job trying to keep up with student needs,” said Carson Bryan, a junior business administration major. “It seems like there is always something new going up.”

Also planned by the University is the construction of a new Tutwiler Hall, which is further down the road after completion of the corresponding parking deck. The new freshman residence hall has yet to be named, and the Peter Bryce campus will continue to expand.

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