Elections Board to release all Homecoming Election documents

Elections Board to release all Homecoming Election documents

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The SGA Student Judiciary ordered the Elections Board to release a statement regarding their failure to comply with the elections manual in the past several elections. This order came following the submission of a motion to compel by UA student Ryan Truitt, asking the Judiciary to take action and order the Elections Board to release election data. 

The Elections Board statement reads as follows:

"The SGA Elections Board has been and will remain committed to fairness and transparency in elections at the University of Alabama; and moving forward, we will take what we have learned from the Homecoming Elections and ensure that we follow the elections manual and guidelines to ensure that fairness. Furthermore, we will be releasing all documents from the Homecoming Elections involving complaints, vote totals and financial disclosure forms, to the University today. We regret that, because of our own oversight, we did not follow the timelines for disclosure within Article IV, Section 6, Part C and Article, 1, Sections 8 and 10; and we take full responsibility for these mistakes. However, this committee has always and will always work, in good faith, for the betterment of the electoral system at the University of Alabama."

Documents from the "Homecoming Elections" will include documents from the homecoming queen election and the special senate election which took place during Homecoming week. 

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