Life of University student celebrated at vigil

Life of University student celebrated at vigil

All was quiet as about 200 people gathered to honor the life of Allie Brodie on Wednesday at 6 p.m. With electric candles held in front of Denny Chimes, those who attended joined together to celebrate Brodie’s life after her passing on Oct. 28. Brodie passed away after suffering a hit to the head by a soccer ball. The hit left her with a concussion that soon turned to a severe brain bleed and AVM (arteriovenous malformation). Brodie later died after emergency surgery and being placed in a coma. 

Brodie was a freshman majoring in public relations with a minor in marine science. She was also a member of the sorority Alpha Delta Chi. President of the sorority, Hannah Davis, was present to speak on behalf of herself and her sorority sisters.

“This has been a very traumatic time for our sorority," Davis said. "You never think that the girl you see at swaps or Dippin’ Dots is one day fine and the next day fighting for their life.”  

Another attendee of the vigil was Chris Roberts, Brodie’s MC 101 professor. He expressed his sympathy, saying it is sad to see a life cut short. 

"I learned about [Brodie] and her aspirations at the beginning of the year,” Roberts said. “I’ve had four students pass away, and it’s a reminder that we are not promised tomorrow.” 

A few members of Brodie’s sorority spoke about her as a girl full of light and kindness with a heart for God. After they spoke, Preston Conder, Campus Minister of University Church of Christ, spoke about his time as Brodie’s minister. 

“I’m sad. I’m tore up. Just like everyone here, I’m grieving,” Conder said. "...She spent the last days of her life worshiping God. Her motto was ‘God first, others second, myself third.’” 

Many were seen wiping away silent tears as Conder continued. “She spent her last day serving others with a concussion that was turning into a brain bleed.”

All who spoke encouraged everyone to remember all that was good about Brodie and live by her example. Conder closed with a prayer, and all heads bowed for a moment of silence to end the ceremony. Even after the ceremony concluded, there was still a somber silence among the group. The only thing heard was Denny Chimes singing a celebratory song for Brodie and those who loved her. 

To support Brodie and her family, people are encouraged to support a GoFundMe page that was created for Brodie's medical costs and to use the hashtag #AllieStrong. 

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