Tuscaloosa foods that consistently outshine the Bayou corndog

Tuscaloosa foods that consistently outshine the Bayou corndog

Tuscaloosa is famous for our dedicated fans, gameday tailgates and, most importantly this week, our taste in food. As students and fans we all gather on Saturdays to celebrate, and what better way to do that than by eating good T-town food and hating on LSU?

We all love to hate LSU, and the week has arrived in which we don’t wear purple or yellow to class or out on the town.  In order to truly ensure our love for the crimson tide, we must eat in true UA fashion as well.  Instead of eating a corndog this game day, here are a few T-town favorites that will get you through the day.

Dreamland Nachos

The best place to satisfy your BBQ munchies is Dreamland BBQ.  One of Tuscaloosa’s most prized eateries, Dreamland also offers Dreamland Nachos in addition to the classic ribs and pulled pork dishes. Who has ever passed up on nachos? That’s an offer you simply cannot refuse. Served in the stadium, these nachos are available at any concession stand that sells regular (less meaty) nachos. There’s no excuse to miss out on these bad boys. 


Yellowhammer drinks are all the rage in T-town.  Famous for their timeless Yellow Hammers, Gallettes offers this signature drink that will be sure to make you scream, “Give ‘em hell!”  With the new game day open container law, there’s no excuse to miss out on this signature drink. They are even easy to make on your own.

Rama Jama's 

What better place to grab a bite to eat than a placed named Rama Jama’s?  With meals such as the “Touchdown Burger Platter,” Rama Jamas offers the way to any Alabama fan's heart.  Located adjacent to the stadium, Rama Jama’s is a prime location to grab a quick meal on gameday.


If you are in the South, then it is an absolute must that you eat crawfish, and you are essentially required to enjoy it.  Steamer’s on the Strip offers this delicacy and is in walking distance from the stadium.  Located on University Boulevard, Steamers is easy to get to on game days. Darty season isn’t the only time we can eat crawfish! 

Buffalo Phil's Wings

Game day is not quite complete without some good tastin’ wings.  With their gracious acceptance of Dining Dollars, we all know and love it a little too well. Buffalo Phil’s on the strip is know for their finger lickin’ wings.  Whether you’re dining in or picking up, you can’t miss the wings from Buffalo Phil’s. Besides, we all know that LS-WHO cant take the heat of some delicious wings.

Miss Dots' Chicken

Of course, a tailgate is never complete without fried chicken or BBQ.  Miss Dots located on University Blvd. offers fried chicken that will meet your fried food needs.  Also, don’t forget about the famous Alabama white sauce to top off your heart attack. What’s a little heart attack if you’re eatin’ good? 

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