Republican complacency with Trump harmful to nation

Republican complacency with Trump harmful to nation

There is no question that Donald Trump’s rise to power has been fraught with controversy and divisive policy. Trump himself is a wild card, firing off insulting tweets, sometimes at his own administration, faster than he condemns any bigotry or act of violence. The administration itself has made decisions negatively affecting its own voting demographic. At the same time, it continues to spout dangerous rhetoric that appeals to those who support Trump’s every move, because they only have foresight for their own personal wellbeing. Minorities, by comparison, face increased opposition for their very ways of life. 

Earlier last week, the administration announced plans to roll back DACA, an act that allowed people who illegally immigrated to the US with their parents as children to remain in the country without consequence. Almost all of these people have little or no connection to their home country. Most of these people are either employed or students working towards opportunities they would not have had in their home countries. All of these people have spotless criminal records. These people are truly contributing to our society, buying American goods and services and, overall, raising the GDP. They are not dangerous. They do not negatively impact our economy. What is truly dangerous is the Trump administration.

Anti-immigration policies such as the travel ban and the repeal of DACA will not make our country less dangerous. If anything, these policies become bullhorns for the intolerant. The arguments for these policies are nothing but thinly veiled racism, but many who fall right of center will argue that those hateful people are not representative of the Republican party. Some of these Republicans are doing their part to dismantle these policies. Far more, especially on Capitol Hill, are not.

According to the Town Hall Project, an organization pushing for constituents to have more direct contact with their representatives, 49% of Republicans in congress have not held a town hall since Trump took office. Many of these congressmen cite their numerous town hall opportunities as a point of pride on their websites. Avoiding angry constituents because it is easier if not at the heart of a democracy. America was founded as a democracy because even though it is difficult and at times treacherous, we believe in the equal opportunity to have a say in how our country is ran.

Republicans have been complacent with Donald Trump since he took office and if his more extreme actions are as “condemnable” as some claim, they must be willing to stand up to him. Too often, political office is about re-election. It is about pleasing those who will be the loudest supporters, no matter the platform. It has come time for our representatives to make moral decisions in favor of the livelihood of many, not in favor of the salary of few.

Those who voted for Donald Trump assured themselves that his more outrageous policies would never take flight. At the very least, they assured themselves that those policies would never directly affect them. There was never a threat on their own personal safety, yet they are quick to criticize those who might feel unsafe in this country, particularly anyone associated with the Black Lives Matter movement or the Women’s March. They have allowed the travel ban to be enacted and DACA to be rolled back because they could not understand what it feels like to lose contact with a family member or everything they have ever worked for. They refused to listen and understand and minorities will foot the bill. 

It is reprehensible to treat other human beings this way. Humanitarians in no way supports most of Trump’s measures. Leaders in every major religion including Christianity, which many Republicans in office claim to be the basis of their leadership, have expressed discontent with the Trump administration’s repeal of DACA. There is no basis for continuing to be complacent with the administration other than desire for personal gain.

Donald Trump is no longer something to be mocked. The time has come to put Twitter to rest. While online presence spreads a message quickly, it is not a substitute for a “no” vote or standing up and speaking truth, even at the cost of personal gain. Donald Trump is not entertainment. NBC no longer signs his paycheck. American citizens do. The man has proven that though he may seem ridiculous, he is capable of having a dangerous impact, especially for those who cannot speak up for themselves. The resistance cannot be limited to Democrats. We must all rally together in person if we want to stop the currently festering wound of racism and hate from infecting our country entirely. 

Emma Royal is a sophomore majoring in aerospace engineering. Her column runs biweekly. 

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