Out-of-state students struggle to find ATMs for their respective banks

Out-of-state students struggle to find ATMs for their respective banks

The out-of-state student population at The University of Alabama faces many different challenges than their in-state counterparts. One such challenge is that many out-of-state students do not have the luxury of having their hometown bank located in Tuscaloosa, or even in the state of Alabama.

Out-of-state students like Carter Hodge are put at a disadvantage when regional or big-name banks that are found throughout the nation don’t have locations on campus or in Tuscaloosa. 

“When I got to Tuscaloosa my bank was not on campus or anywhere in Tuscaloosa,” said Hodge, a senior finance major from Arizona. “I eventually had to switch to a bank with a Tuscaloosa location just to stop paying the withdrawal fees and simply so I could have easier access to my money.”

The University has worked to broaden their bank accessibility for students by adding bank and ATM locations that stretch to the ends of campus. Kevin Stevens, executive director of Procurement Services, provided information on these services.

The University Recreational Center, R.E. Witt Student Center, Tutwiler Hall, Coleman Coliseum, and the Ferguson Student Center are all home to a variety of ATMs. 

Students can also access the Alabama Credit Union inside the Ferguson Center. The Union offers students a variety of financial services, including no fee checking, no monthly fees, student loans, and financial education classes to interested students.

Although the University has made strides towards aiding their financially diverse student population, many students still remain with their banks not represented on campus or in Tuscaloosa. As the student population continues to grow in its out of state size, the University will continue to innovate ways to better serve these students.

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