Coursicle app helps students register for full classes

Coursicle app helps students register for full classes

With the new semester just getting started, students are still finalizing their schedules. Registering for a class that is full is no easy feat, but now there's an app for that.

Joe Puccio, a University of North Carolina graduate, and Tara Aida, a Harvard University graduate, founded “Coursicle.” The app allows students to track a specific class that they need or would like to take and notifies the user when there’s an available seat. 

Students can download the app to their smartphone, select the school that they attend, tap the plus button in the bottom left corner of the screen, and search for which class they would like to track. The app itself is free, however, if students would like to track more than one class at a time, they would have to upgrade their account to “premium,” which lasts the full semester, for a fee of three dollars.

Coursicle originally began as a text service and transitioned to an app due to the drastic increase in users. To put that into perspective, last year there were about 200 people using Couriscle at The University of Alabama, compared to 1,600 this year. Nationwide, Coursicle has 23,000 students. 

“Alabama grew the fastest out of all the schools that use Coursicle,” Joe Puccio said. “The app began to grow steadily, mostly over the summer.” 

Haley Pence, a sophomore majoring in management information systems, registered for Coursicle last semester when her academic advisor recommended she use it to register for full classes. 

“Coursicle was really helpful because I got into three out of the five classes that I had originally planned on taking," Pence said.

Pence used the premium upgrade and said she had a problem-free experience with the app.  

Overtime, Aida and Puccio created the Coursicle website to further help students make a detailed schedule for the upcoming semester within a shorter amount of time. The app and website have a combined 100,000 users.

“The website allows students to make a schedule within two clicks, which is a lot easier and much more efficient," Puccio said. 

To access the website, students can visit To download the app, students can go to their respective app stores or visit 

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