Band of the Week Q&A: Mojo Trio

Band of the Week Q&A: Mojo Trio

Photo courtesy of the Mojo Trio Band

A-Day weekend brings lots of excitement to Tuscaloosa, but one band hopes to offer a different source of entertainment for this weekend. Mojo Trio is ready to bring their musical styling to their hometown of Tuscaloosa. The group is made up of drummer and lead singer Ricky Burch, bass player Micha Hill and guitarist Mitch Hudson. The trio will perform at Rhythm & Brews on Saturday night at 9 p.m. Admission is free. We sat down with Ricky Burch to discuss the band and their upcoming show.

How did the band come together?

We are all from Tuscaloosa. We originally started the group with a different name. After we were struck with the tragic loss of our original lead singer, we changed our style and pick up the name Mojo Trio and changed our music style up to include different genres.

How do you feel about coming to your hometown to perform?

It is a fantastic feeling to come and play at the place where we're from. We love performing and getting the crowd into our music. It is so amazing how our music has survived and the younger generation comes out and supports us. One of my favorite moments is when we play Dixieland Delight, and the students joins right in. It is a beautiful thing. It’s enough to bring you to tears. We love to perform for people that we have grown up with as well as family members. We try to perform on game day weekends to interact with Alabama fans.

Is there any one artist or band that inspires your group?

It is hard to point out one group that inspires our style of music, because we play so many different types of music. We are one of the most diverse bands that you may hear. We can play a little bit of classic rock, blues and even R&B. I feel it is one of the things that have kept us rolling all these years. Every time I am asked about how we have survived, I point to our ability to play different music genres. I always say if you don’t like a song we sing, just wait to the next and you will be sure to like that one. We are so blessed to have a guitarist that can perform all these different music genres.

What do you think makes your band special?

I think it is the fact that we all sing. Our trademark is our harmony. Although, someone might lead a song, we are all pitching in with background sounds. The variety of songs we play also helps us out. 

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