Alabama Symphonic Band to play at Moody Concert Hall

Alabama Symphonic Band to play at Moody Concert Hall

Moody Music Hall, CW File

For 32 years, as both a recruitment and musical event, the Honor Band has put on a show to help bring interest to the school’s music programs. The event will run for four days, with the Symphonic Band performing first on Thursday night to welcome patrons to the concert hall.

“That’s energizing to us, to be around all that excitement that [the high school students] exude,” said Randall Coleman, the associate 
director of bands for the University. “About the second or third year, when I thought I had it down and knew what was coming next, I had a high school student come up to me after one of the rehearsals and she was just crying with big tears coming down her face. I was like ‘Oh, gosh, what’s wrong’ and she said ‘I just want to thank you, I’ve wanted to be in the Million Dollar Band since I was a little baby and this is overwhelming.’“

Coleman said that the experience working with students has been deeper than just a business, with him witnessing high school students who have dreamt of being in the Honor Band accomplishing their goals. He said that it was important to keep that goal in mind, but it came with a big responsibility.

As well as working with high school students, Coleman is working to prepare the concerts alongside the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.

“We really try to select music that challenges our students,” Coleman said. “But especially for this concert, where our audience is basically high school students and their teachers, we try to select things that they’ll enjoy listening to as well.”

Rebecca Cichy, a grad student majoring in music education, plays 
trombone in the symphonic band. 
For her, working alongside bandmates 
of different age groups has been an enjoyable experience, 
allowing for a sense of mentorship 
with underclassmen.

“There is a lot of pressure and we even talked in our rehearsal about making that first impression for those students, because we want those high school students to come here and be involved in our program and make it even better than it is right now,” 
Cichy said.

The repertoire that the Symphonic Band will be performing is known as “Candid,” composed by Leonard Bernstein. The operetta is just one of the many songs the symphonic band will be performing, said Chase Bader, a senior majoring in music 
education. Bader also plays trombone 
for the band.

“A lot of it is fairly new,” Bader said. “We have a lot of different styles, like fast, slow and melodic and stuff like that so we have a really exciting 
concert. I think our students are really 
going to enjoy it and really get to 
experience a wide depth of music.”

The Alabama Symphonic Band will play Thursday night at the Moody Music Building concert hall from 7:30 to 9 p.m. The event is free to all, though Coleman advised students to come an hour early to ensure they get a seat. For those that can’t make it, however, the performance will also be live-streamed online for anyone 
to watch.

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