UAPD to conduct training exercises in newly-vacated Somerville Hall

UAPD to conduct training exercises in newly-vacated Somerville Hall

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was confirmed on Tuesday to become America’s next United Nations ambassador. Though Haley agrees with Trump’s “America first” approach, she is against his Muslim registry and ban, is skeptical about Russia and thinks highly of NATO.

These differences won Haley substantial Democratic support. She was confirmed almost unanimously by the Senate, which voted 96 to 4 for Haley, with Sen. Bernie Sanders being one of the senators who voted no.

“American values that we all hold dear and want to promote around the world are things that she has the ability to communicate and cares deeply about,” Bob Corker, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman said of Haley, who has said she would fight for human rights.

Much like Trump, Haley has called the effectiveness of the UN into question. During her confirmation hearing on Jan. 18, said she will use cuts in American funding as leverage to “fix” parts of the organization that do not work.

Haley has stepped down as South Carolina governor in order to take on her new position. Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster has taken her place.

Compiled by Mike Finnegan

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