Number of fatal car crashes rose in 2015 in Tuscaloosa

Number of fatal car crashes rose in 2015 in Tuscaloosa

A recent study by The University of Alabama's Center for Public Safety has found that the number of fatal crashes in Alabama increased from 2015 to 2016 by almost 25 percent. While the total number of traffic collisions in 2016 was only 2.1 percent greater than in 2015, many more of those collisions resulted in fatalities. 

“A variety of factors were found, but, in order of importance, I would say that speed, safety belts, distracted driving and pedestrian faults all had major contributions to the increase,” said David Brown, research associate at the University's Center for Advanced Public Safety. 

According to the center's research, there were more collisions in 2016 that occurred at speeds over 50 mph. Furthermore, those collisions had higher impact speeds than in 2015. For example, in 2015 there were 33 fatalities occurring at speeds over 91 mph, while in 2016 that number rose to 44. 

The study went on to note that while over 90 percent of Alabamians use a seatbelt, more than half of the 403 people that died in 2016 while not wearing one could still be alive if they had done so.

Brown finished by saying that the influence of drugs and alcohol only intensifies every original issue, whether it be speeding, distracted driving, or pedestrians that are at fault for the collision.

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