Five vendors to visit at Tuscaloosa’s River Market

Five vendors to visit at Tuscaloosa’s River Market
Abbie Collins / Alabama Crimson White

The Tuscaloosa River Market is now open Saturdays and Tuesdays 7 a.m. - 12 p.m. CW / Abbie Collins

The River Market is a bustling community, full of farmers, bakers and even jewelers. The local charm and music from artists on the stage make the market an inviting place to check out on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Here are five must-see vendors to visit on your next trip to 
the market.

Kauloosa Coffee Roasters

With a booth right next to the front door, Kauloosa Coffee Roasters is a fresh start to the morning. Kauloosa offers a variety of brews and ingredients, allowing coffee drinkers to create their preferred beverage.

As well as coffee, the booth serves cake and cookies to get the morning started off right. At just $2.50 a cup, the coffee is affordable on most budgets. Customers can also order a bag of their coffee online.

Tea Town

If coffee isn’t your thing, give Tea Town a try. Delivering specialty teas out of a stylized truck, Tea Town brings charm and flair to the Tuscaloosa 
River Market.

The business’s main strategy is to deliver healthier alternatives and benefits with tea, offering teas containing sage, elderberries, chamomile and hibiscus. As well as serving single-serve cups, patrons can also pick up tea bags to craft a relaxing herbal drink at home.

Artistic Creations

Artistic Creations has been around almost as long as the River Market itself. The company’s booth is located near the back of the market, but their wares are hard to miss.

The owner, Robert Lewis, said that he wanted to bring something distinct to the market outside of just vegetables and honey. His business provides handmade bowls, mugs and other crafts that would make excellent holiday gifts.

Earth Works Jewelry

As we inch closer and closer to the holidays, finding the perfect gifts for friends and family is becoming more difficult. Look no further than Earth Works Jewelry.

Using minerals and gems from trips around America and Europe, the jewelry on display is hand-crafted. You can pick up a smoky quartz necklace, Alabama themed necklace or one of the paintings created by owner 
Sierra Barder.

Left Hand Soap Company

Though the Left Hand Soap Company has an established location in Tuscaloosa, they also frequent the market to sell their wares. Like the company name suggests, the business is focused on providing hand-made soaps to its customers, with some scented surprises thrown in.

One of the main draws to the company is how they craft new scents. Using tomatoes from fellow vendors, they’ve created a bar of soap that blends the cleanliness of soap and the smell of freshly-picked tomatoes. Customers can also go online and request a scent for a custom bar made to their liking.

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