Claire Lynch Band takes Bama Theatre this Friday

Claire Lynch Band takes Bama Theatre this Friday

Photo courtesy of Claire Ratliffe

The bluegrass genre is one that ebbs and flows with the ever-changing music industry, and Claire Lynch has been riding the wave since the beginning of her career in the 1970s.

“It’s an American art form and it’s here to stay,” Lynch said. “It will always have an influence some way some how.”

Lynch has had a love for music since her childhood and has since made a name for herself in the bluegrass world as a songwriter and vocalist for the Front Porch String Band and her current quartet, the Claire Lynch Band. In addition to success on the bluegrass charts and with fans, she has been nominated for two Grammy awards. This Friday she will bring her voice to the Bama Theatre stage as the Claire Lynch Band performs for the Tuscaloosa audience.

“North by South,” Lynch's most recent album, was released in September of this year. The record is a collection of songs written by Canadians aimed at creating a bond between American and Canadian musicians.

“As I discovered the writers and the music [of Canada] I was charmed,” Lynch said. “As a gesture to build a bridge between American and Canadian folk sing I decided to share it with my fans. I thought it would be a nice concept.”

This concept grew to create an album that blends together foreign and domestic sounds. Lynch usually writes about half of the songs on her albums, and this time she shares the list with some of her favorite Canadian songwriters.

 Songwriting is a continuous process for Lynch. She said her ideas come to her sometimes when she doesn’t expect it.

“They just happen in your right brain when you’re not thinking about it,” Lynch said."When you're not making an effort inspiration comes. I find the best place to get the best ideas is to set aside quiet time and not have any agenda whatsoever and swim in your freedom. That's when ideas come."

According to her website, in 2014 Lynch was named "One of the 10 Best Angelic Voices of Our Time" by, a title which she shares with artists such as Dolly Parton and Martina McBride. Her angelic sound has defined her career in the bluegrass world. Lynch explained that as she has progressed in her music career, she uses her experience to make her music sound more relaxed.  

"Now there is a wisdom and letting go and allowing yourself to give yourself to the song," Lynch said.

Lynch's bluegrass idols are artists like Ricky Staggs and the Stanley Brothers, but she herself is an idol for her fans for whom she enjoys performing.

"My main goal is to elevate their mood and entertain them," Lynch said. "I learned a long time ago I'm in the service industry."

The Claire Lynch Band, with special guests Flora-Bama Main Stage Band, will perform at the Bama Theatre Friday, Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at

"What makes me happy is to know that after this many years I’m still at it and actually able to make a living," Lynch said. "It’s a lovely thing to be alive and playing music live and entertaining people. I’m in folk and bluegrass, and I”m proud of it."

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