#bamasits organizers discuss motivations for recent marches

#bamasits organizers discuss motivations for recent marches

Protestors marched down University Boulevard during the Iron Bowl on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Parker Evans

“We were trying to kind of do what [Champions Don’t Hate does],” said Fitzgerald Mosley, a senior 
majoring in management and sales and an organizer for #bamasits, “Except we want to do it in a more social way and address the broader issues that might be lying under the surface of Champions Don’t Hate.”

Raiha Naeem, a senior majoring 
in journalism and an organizer for #bamasits, also described the 
purpose of the march as a “way to get people together who are interested in campus attitudes or who want to talk to other people about it.” Naeem said the goal of #bamasits is to, “work on language on campus...and [getting] the administration recognizing that there’s a problem.”

Mosley agreed the main goal of #bamasits is to gain transparency with UA’s administration.

“We would like transparency with the administration with all issues ... You know, sometimes an email just isn’t enough. And, you know, a lot of people would like to know that these issues are being addressed,” he said. “You know, when someone is raped on campus, we would like to know that these issues are being addressed ... Some consequences need to be shown for those types of actions.”

Mosely and Naeem also said #bamasits’s role has not changed, but rather grown, since the recent U.S. presidential election.

“There are a lot more diverse issues to address now, and a lot more concrete issues to address now after the election,” Mosley said. “The problems have always been there; they just seem to be broader. And we’re trying to be a solution to 
those problems.”

Naeem said, “It’s like a long of things I guess. It’s like just general 
fighting, speaking out against, 
saying we’re not okay with all of these things and all of these attitudes. Stuff has been going on regardless of who’s president. So I think right now it’s just ... a chance to bring more people to it, there’s more people who we can show these issues to in light of this election.”

In the long run, Mosley said the election showed the need for the work of groups like #bamasits.

“It just showed a need. And there’s still a need,” Mosely said. “And these needs seem to grow as more and more positions appear more and more 
people seem to be involved. And I feel as we deliver that message, more people will be encouraged to join us.”

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