AlabamaWorks to stimulate workforce development

AlabamaWorks to stimulate workforce development

The Alabama Workforce Council launched on Tuesday, a website aimed at assisting the development of Alabama’s workforce by providing information on job postings, workforce training and 
career opportunities.

The website features three main sections for employers, job seekers and students. Employers have the option to post job openings, browse resumes, and find training resources for their employees, while job seekers are able to post their resumes and find job training. Meanwhile, a tab for students opens up guides on dual enrollment and attending community college.

AlabamaWorks developed out of a project by the Alabama Workforce Council to combine the resources of multiple government agencies and private-sector leaders to better serve and build up Alabama’s workforce. Some of the players involved include Alabama Power, Alabama Department of Labor and the Alabama Department of Commerce.

The agencies and industry leaders involved have lauded state lawmakers and Gov. Bentley for their support in the effort to make AlabamaWorks 
a reality.

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