Band Q&A: Colorado group In the Whale on their origins and visiting the South

Band Q&A: Colorado group In the Whale on their origins and visiting the South

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They play with the most stripped-down setup possible: just lead guitar and drums, in the style of the White Stripes. In the Whale, a band based out of Denver, Colorado, will make its way to Birmingham on Oct. 8 and perform at Saturn. The duo features Nate Valdez and Eric Ridley. We caught up with Nate and Eric before the show as they talked about moving on in life with a new band as 2016 will mark their fifth anniversary together.

Where are you guys from? Did you grow up in Denver?

NV: We are both originally from Greely, Colorado, but we eventually moved to Denver, and that’s where we’re based out of. We created the band back in 2011, and that’s when we really started taking the band seriously and started traveling. Now, we’ve toured all over the United States and Canada.

You’re often referred to as an Alternative band, but you have said you prefer a more classic style. What genre do you consider yourselves?

NV: We consider ourselves a rock and roll band. We play fairly straightforward rock music, but we’re more interested to watch ourselves and try not to take it too seriously.

How did you guys meet, and what led you to pick your band name?

ER: We had already been friends for a very long time. Back then we played in separate bands and knew about each other. After our first band broke up, we started In the Whale to remind us why we wanted to play and to have the freedom to play what we want.

NV: Creating a new band made it a lot easier to transition. Our band came from a more organic place than our main band. The name came from a feeling of abandonment and loss, and spawned from that idea and kept going until what it is now.

Your new EP “Quicksand” releases Oct. 28. What’s the inspiration behind it?

ER: The records are very consistent with Rock N’ Roll – girls, cars and riches – the classic subjects. This recording was really more mature, but it’s still pretty straight-forward like rowdy and drunk, but a more serious subject matter. Phil Sterritt is a great producer, the best we’ve ever worked with. This record is very raw instead of super polished, but Phil kept that simple rock atmosphere. It releases Oct. 28, but we’ll have the CD available when we come into town.

NV: This is our first time in Alabama. We have played in pretty much every other state in the South, and we love it. We think the South catches on really quickly to what we try to do with our music, so come to the show.

ER: The food is really good too.

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